Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slaughtering and Roasting a Sheep, part II

##The title should provide some guidance, but some pictures may be disturbing for some viewers.##

Yes, I do realize I am starting with part II, and I didn't plan to break things up this much, but the internet is refusing to allow me to load more pictures. So we'll start with the second part of the process.
We ate just about everything, except the lungs and the head. Some people even eat the head, they prepare it in some special way. They said the tongue was good, but we didn’t bother to cook it. I don’t know exactly what I ate, but I’m pretty sure I ate part of the heart, kidneys, intestine, and some of its four stomachs. It was all really good.
That is some of its four stomachs, roasting away.
Philip was a chef extraordinaire. He spent hours over the coals tending the meat! Edwin also made a stew out the intestines, and it was really good, much softer than the rest of it, which can be kind of hard to chew.
The remnants of our dearly departed (and tasty) friend.

Next time: part I... (and theological application)

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