Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Inaguration

Last night I watched the inauguration for almost 3 hours, and it was a lot of fun. There were 12 of us all crammed into Shadrack and Alpheus's living room watching it, mostly singles, and they were asking me all these questions about what was going on, the layout of the capital, and so on, so I described it to them. Its kind of weird to be around people in a foreign country who are as interested in my politics as I am, some almost more so, but nice. I'm really glad I was here for so many important milestones of the election, for the last part of the race and the results and then the inauguration.

I thought it was pretty solid. I thought Rick Warren's prayer was good, and the speech seemed very somber but it was appropriate. Still pretty ambitious, that's for sure. They had some trouble with the oath, it seems that both of them mixed up the word order, which I thought kind of funny. Now I can guarantee you that if Bush had any connection with that mess-up there would be no end of columns decrying his stupidity and speech impediment.

Several of the guys I was watching it with, one guy from Sudan in particular, were really sad to see Bush go. They were like, he's my man, and he's a real leader, made the hard choices and stuck by them, and it won't be the same without him. When discussing it today, a few people said they were surprised that Bush didn't give a speech.

In the middle of the lady reading poetry, they switched to the national convention center in Nairobi, and they were slicing up and handing out this big cake, and it was so funny. None of them cared about the poetry, they were like he's signed in, lets party.

Overall, it was a really good feeling, very uplifting, both watching it, and especially seeing with all my friends here. Now we get to see what actually happens.

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