Thursday, April 14, 2011

Christmas Break Update!

Ok, so much to update on...but let me start with something. My sister came this last December to visit me, which was really awesome, the first family member to visit, and only the second visitor I've had! I showed her around campus, introduced her to my friends, took her to visit a bunch of people, we had a Christmas party at my house, went to visit my friend Zippy's village, had lunch with some friends in Kibera, and relaxed at home and watched the Lord of the Rings.

Some of the people at our Christmas party

Visiting Zippy's village, outside Machakos

We went there along with Shar.

Rachel's first time to have Ethiopian food, injera!

My Kenyan Christmas tree!

Before Rachel came, I went to Mombasa for a few days, traveled to Kisii to preach a few times, went to Meru to visit some friends who are doing a Nairobi Chapel church plant there, and also hung out in Nairobi. It was a pretty good break!

Still to come...some changes, including a new blog, since I won't be at NEGST much longer, and what I'm planning to do after! Stay tuned...

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