Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer 2009

Blogging again. Ok, so I am no longer in Nairobi and have just arrived back in Maryland after traveling around the county. Last semester ended quite well, although it went right down to the wire. I thought I would never write my final papers, but I did, and they finished up better than I expected. Curtsey of my slot on Senate, I went through the graduation procession all decked out, trailing all the professors with Ken (student council chairman, also on Senate). I got to meet John Mbiti, the father of contemporary African theology, which was exciting. The graduation parties were a lot of fun, and so much food. From the time I finished up my last paper on Wed till I left on Monday, I spent basically the whole time attending various functions, hanging out and visiting all the people I had been basically ignoring for the last month of school (and packing up my entire room). It was fun.

Then I flew back to Baltimore, was at home for a few days, then flew out with my family to Seattle to visit my grandparents and other relatives out there. I was there for two weeks, then flew to Chicago for a wedding Aug 1st. I was a groomsman (wearing a tux for the first time), and helped out with the preparations as much as I could. It was a good experience, and everything came together by the end. Then I spent the next week in Chicago with all my friends in the area, of which there are still a lot. It was awesome spending time with all of them. I miss Wheaton people. After that, my family picked me up and we drove up to the UP of Michigan, and stayed with my grandmother there. It was quiet and relaxing.

Tomorrow I’m helping my sister move down to college in Virginia, then the next day my friend starting grad school at George Washington. I have three weeks until I return to Nairobi and the craziness of life really picks up again…

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