Monday, May 18, 2009

Mwanza [part I]

At the rate I'm going, I'm not going to finish blogging about this last break before we get to the next break, so I need to step it up.
Therefore, this post is about Mwanza, where I spent the majority of my trip. Dr. Rasmussen, my professor for contextualization first term, asked if I would be interested in going to visit Mwanza, Tanzania, with them. He had been a missionary there for about 13 years, teaching at the Lake Victoria Bible College, before he moved up to Nairobi to teach at NEGST. After staying one night in Nakuru, I took the overnight bus to Mwanza, itself quite an experience. We left Nakuru at 1 am, got to the border around 7 am, and got to Mwanza around 2 pm. At one point, we were stopped for a long time, about 30 minutes I think. I didn’t know why were stopped, but the engine was just running and nothing was happening. After a while, people started to get upset, and they all streamed out of the bus, and one guy was like, come on, we’re going to go protest. I was like what!, but I went to see what was happening. They went out and started yelling at a police officer, and then the driver was in the little station on the side of the road filling out paperwork, and then a few minutes later he finished and then we went on our way.
A village I saw out of my window. This is something I haven't seen much around Nairobi.
Another bus whose voyage appeared to be rather less fortunate than ours.We got a good view. It's a very hilly city.
It reminded me of being out at Warm Beach Camp, north of Seattle, looking over the Puget Sound.

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